Machine 4 - Constant Loss-In-Weight Feeder

Main Features:
  • Simple and reliable

  • Latest micro-processor technology

  • Easy to programme

  • Password protection

  • Linked ratio outputs for multiple units

  • Precision made stainless steel auger

  • Heavy-duty load cell platform

  • Extremely easy to dismantle for cleaning

  • Very low maintenance required

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Technical Specifications:


380/420 Volts A.C. 3-Phase and neutral. 50Hz. 10 Amp rated


Microprocessor with 100 product codes and password protection


10 Amp contact for product supply control
10 Amp contact for 'No Product' Alarm system


+/- 0.25% +/- 1% depending upon the type of product

Output Capacities:

10 - 1000 kg per hour.  Based on bulk density of 800kg per cubic metre

Control Panel:

Control Panels can be supplied in different forms to suit various locations, e.g. wall mounted or floor mounted
Two models are available: one for free-flowing products and one for none-free flowing products which require agitation above the delivery auger.

When two or more feeders are used together, they can be linked with a control which will increase or decrease the combined output by 1% increments, keeping the ratio constant regardless of output.

The micro-processors are designed, manufactured and programmed by a specialised supplier with a reputed quality throughout both the UK and many other countries.

Units 8 & 9
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